YWA Move Day 22 – Courage

YWA Move Day 22 – Courage

Well, the theme of YWA Move Day 22 being courage was kind of perfect.

I arrived on the mat feeling stressed and overwhelmed about many areas of my life – kids, relationships, and personal and business finances.

I am practicing speaking up to others and this takes a lot of courage for me.

So thank you Adriene for a beautiful online yoga session that invited me to tap in to my courage.

I loved the yoga, I loved the sequence, I loved the movements.

Courage, when it comes, is hard to describe.

Being calm – through the anchor of the breath – helps.

Then the courage arises from the calm and moves forward.

It’s great that a practice such as yoga can help feel individual courage in such stressed times.

But importantly, when it comes from within a calm nervous system – or one that is practicing being calm – it’s genuine, and less fraught.

Lion’s breath is great! I may employ it before some conversations today that feel difficult.

The simple description of lion’s breath is: a deep inhalation, then on the exhalation, sending the gaze up between the brows/to the third eye, and sticking the tongue out.  You can also see how much sound you can make.

I also found today that I had my eyes open more than I usually do.

I know there are teachings around what to do with the gaze, and when, in yoga.

Mostly, however, I tend to want to close my eyes to feel the movements from within.

My years with extreme pain and anguish, as well as just being pretty introverted and perhaps even a highly sensitive person, have meant that embodying yoga from within with closed eyes tends to be my preference.

So I don’t know if it was the theme of courage, but today I felt able to calmly have my gaze meeting the world.


Sending so much courage,

Annalise x













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