YWA Move Day 24 – Process

YWA Move Day 24 – Process

Ah, life is always in process, what a great reminder in the ywaMove series of yoga videos, particularly YWA Move Day 24.

Yoga is the process.  The breath always moves; always processes between states.

My asana are always in process.  Each moment, each day.

My growth towards being assertive, communicating my needs, and finding my voice is – guess what – a process.

Sometimes older habits feel more in the mix.  Sometimes less.

Sometimes growth and change is rapid, sometimes slow.

If I miss practice for a day or two I notice tighter hamstrings – and I am still grateful that I show up to continue the process of opening the body’s habits.

My mind wants to fix on a destination, when I will finally achieve a ‘full’ asana or a noticeable improvement in flexibility.

The self-critical aspect of my mind fixates on a ‘roll’ around my belly, on the fact that I ‘still haven’t healed my ankles’, and that therefore my balance is unsteady.

Feeling the process helps to pull attention away from the critic and back to what is alive in the current moment.

I am alive.  I am practicing.  I am in process.  We all are.

A compositional aspect of mind would like this phase of my life to be a discrete new chapter full of fresh qualities.

Yet, there is freshness mixed with older patterns.  Some days the marbling has a different hue, more of the purple, less of the gold.

Unfolding is non-linear.  Progression takes consistency.  Compassionate turning up.

I am grateful that I am turning up to notice my process.

Thanks to Adriene for the YWA Move Day 24 practice which brings attention to the continuous process.

May everyone that is turning up – on a yoga mat, or wherever else – to notice their process be blessed with self-compassion!

Love in the process,

Annalise x










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