YWA Move Day 25 – Release

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YWA Move Day 25 – Release

Hoo, I needed the YWA Move Day 25 practice.

Release is such a helpful movement – to shake, to exhale, to throw something out of the body.

The ‘shh’ breath on the exhalation helps to hear the release and know that it is happening.

I felt that I was releasing old patterns and habits of not speaking up, of being too nice, of being stuck in the ‘compassionate listener’ mode.

Now, as I wrote in the post on process – release isn’t a one-time thing.  The mix of releasing old patterns and practicing the new continues.

Yet I am grateful for the focus on the release part of the mix in this practice.

I also have a sizeable wave of stresses hitting me at the moment – so releasing some stress and anxiety in the movements helps me access my calm centre amidst the swirling to-dos, and be less jerkily reactive to the stress.

Doing this release practice reminded me that I actually have a lot of experiencing releasing tension and emotion through movement, as both a student and a teacher guiding others.

I love that practice helps to feel the continuity with past experiences.  Being a mother and going through some intense times has sometimes felt like past experiences of release and movement are far away.

This perception is a real example of my, as Adriene would say, ‘thinking mind’.

In the breath, in the present, release is still accessible.  My pathways are still there to be enjoyed.

I appreciate that the Yoga With Adriene videos build in breath and pranayama practices, even some mention of chakras and bandhas, will keeping the language and the approach very accessible.

There is an art to acknowledging the tradition of yoga and not appropriating it, and making it accessible to as many as possible.

At the same time I feel that Adriene Mishler creates space for those who do have more experience with these techniques to access that.

I have always loved appreciating the art of great teachers, and she is no exception!

Thanks Adriene.

Shhhhhhhhhh, with release x













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