YWA Move Day 26 – Love

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YWA Move Day 26 – Love

Oh, I love love – thanks Adriene Mishler for the YWA Move Day 26 practice!

A kind, compassionate attitude towards the self while practicing is so helpful.

I arrived on the mat this morning with a pile up of stressful events and some emotion.

Ok, I was feeling some anxiety, and I also had too much coffee before practice.

So, I was grateful that the thematic frame for this yoga session was love.

It is always helpful to go to the heart of things when feeling overwhelmed.

Breathing in love, and breathing out love, helps me to feel this compassion for myself even as I navigate life at the moment.

It softens any sneaky residue self-judgement about what I am doing, when, and the situations that I am in.

A loving breath helps me to feel my body right now.

YWA Move Day 26 was a beautiful vinyasa yoga practice, and I stayed with it.

Yet, I actually felt like I wanted to go much, much slower, to slow the anxious response, and to really settle and arrive in my asana.

At the same time, the caffeine-and-anxiety energy responds well to vigorous movement.

I think I am going to do some more movement and find what feels good, appropriately.

Thanks, truly, to Adriene Mishler for spreading the self love and encouraging so many to find what feels good.

Oh, and we stock some fragrant goodies like essential oil blends that can inspire that love on the breath.

May we all find love in our breath.

With love,

Annalise x












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