YWA Move Day 4 – Flow

YWA Move Day 4 – Flow

Oh, I loved the YWA Move Day 4 Flow from Yoga With Adriene.

I feel the gentle power of the breath to ease out pain and tension from a niggling hip (and shout out to my past self with injuries and chronic conditions, and anyone else, who finds that the release is not easy or immediate).

I feel the romantic, kind sensibility towards myself that comes from moving from the breath.

I sense that flow is always within, and we practice being able to feel it.

I appreciate Adriene saying that ‘flow’ is not so much a style or flavour of yoga as a mode or a practice.

As someone in the yoga industry I look to minimise comparison and jealousy, chatter.

Yoga With Adriene’s reach could be seen as winning a game of capturing audience – yet she invites us to the place where our breath leads us away from such comparisons and towards our kind self.

May we all practice with our romantic kind ways – on and off the mat, and however we are feeling.

I noticed the power of the Ujjayi breath through Adriene’s microphone on the video for YWA Move Day 4.

It really does sound oceanic – it has breadth – even on the inhale.

I like the sense that an inhalation can have three dimensions and is not a narrow passage of breath through the nostrils only.

If you have seen the illustrations of the open vocal diaphragm doing Ujjayi breath you can appreciate that the opening is real.

I like that this power is audible through Adriene’s mic and can counter the stereotype of a pretty, slim woman.

May we all enjoy the romance of our opening.

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