YWA Move Day 5 – Deepen

YWA Move Day 5 – Deepen

The YWA Move day 5 practice from Yoga With Adriene was indeed a gentle deepening.

I love that the process of deepening with the breath and presence is a three dimensional opening in the body mind.

I love that this can be expressed and practiced simply, scientifically, or esoterically.

I love that the experience of this opening is what is of primary importance – because the experience is open to everyone, no matter how they express what’s happening.

I entered back into the 30 days of yoga YWA Move flow after ‘missing’ a day when I was making a new connection outside my routine.

I am grateful that self-critical voices about this are minimal, even as I am publicly blogging my journey.

I am grateful to experience the deepening of my relationship with my self and my body as I gently breath in asana in YWA Move Day 5.

I am grateful that Adriene and her Yoga With Adriene team offer this for free to a large audience.

I am grateful for all of the yogis throughout time, and all of the somatic explorers.

I am grateful that I practiced presence with myself even through the years of chronic physical and mental conditions.

I am grateful that these conditions are no longer with me, and I reach out to those who practice being kind with themselves while experiencing medical conditions.

As you deepen into a posture such as pigeon pose a soft blanket made for yoga can be a helpful prop – and blankets are always good for comfort and sensory ease.

Adriene said something like ‘a fold is always good’ and I appreciate the sentiment that going internal or feeling what’s inside can be a balm, a retreat, a cave.

I think this has been one of my great strengths in this life – this internal world as a place of exploration and rest has been with me since I can remember.

I hope that others experience the wash of ease that can come from deep interiority, and bringing this to the external world.


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