YWA Move Day 6 – Light

YWA Move Day 6 – Light

Kapow – the fire is lit in the YWA Move Day 6 – Light practice from Yoga With Adriene.

Wow! This was an unusual practice for me in that it was mostly core or abdominal work.

When I am guided gently and clearly out of my comfort zone by a trusted teacher, I come through energised with new life!

My abdomen has been the area of my body that I had had the most negative body image about.

I intellectually know all of the good reasons for a strong core, but I have often avoided this kind of work because of the fear of feeling weak.

The sensation of rolls compressing in crunches can trigger the thought that ‘I am fat’.

I don’t conform to the stereotypically feminine hourglass shape, and analysis of this with a sense-feeling of not being ‘feminine’ can be triggered by core work.

However, amazingly, I had very little of these self-critical thoughts and somatic sensations during the YWA Move Day 6 practice.

This is a combination of where I am at and the teaching.  I am ready to expand into new territories. A kind teacher stretching out her hand along the pathway of strength and encourages me to keep moving.

I have been truly blessed with many great teachers in my life and I am so humbled by their many gifts that continue to grow in me.

A spiritual, creative or self-development practice is ultimately a relationship with the self.  Yet, the knowledge, guidance, modelling and relationship provided by a great teacher is pure gold!

If it works for a practitioner’s temperament, online yoga at home is a great fusion of the yoga home practice journey and benefitting from this relationship.

That said, I imagine I will appreciate the in-person riches of a studio class when that happens again.

If you are keen to enter the fire, Manduka GRP Lite mats are a great option for both home and studio, and are specifically designed for excellent grip in sweaty conditions.  Our MOVE promotion is on through January, and pre-ordered Manduka items are due for dispatch at the end of January.

After the Yoga With Adriene Light practice I danced and felt a loose, lovely fire throughout my being in a way I haven’t felt for many years.

May the light spread.

Annalise x














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