YWA Move Day 7 – Nourish

YWA Move Day 7 – Nourish

YWA Move Day 7 practice from Yoga with Adriene helped me to access a blend of suppleness, strength and space.

I am grateful for this minor miracle.

I love that yoga and any mindful movement is so transformative to the whole being.

That is truly my motivation for this business, and I love that others such as Adriene Mischler are sharing this bounty with ywaMove.

Whenever I feel jealous of other dancers or yogis, or my thoughts are stuck in yoga industry business, returning to my fundamental passion for feeling the body in movement and stillness is a healing elixir.

I like that some twists in the YWA Move Day 7 practice, where I often feel stuck, tight, and like I have footballer’s shoulders, were blended with the supple openness created through the wash of the breath.

Blending these aspects is a comforting phase, as feeling 100% supple always is not going to happen.

In yoga we meet these restricted patterns in the body, where we hold tension and this can trigger self-criticism.

Thanks Adriene for bringing a spacious, nourishing breath every step of the way to wash over these places in ywaMove.

It’s funny that my discoveries in yoga and embodiment are essentially the same ones over and over again – that presence and breath and kindness are such a balm – yet every time they feel like a revelation.

May we all access the balm within that nourishes our scrunched muscle fibres, eases out our internalised criticism, and starts to spread to nourish others.

May we keep returning to presence in our lives.

Annalise x














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