YWA Move Day 8 – Rest

YWA Move Day 8 – Rest

The YWA Move Day 8 practice from Yoga With Adriene came at a great time for me.

I got sick! In fact, I didn’t practice on Day 8 because of being sick and trying to get a tested in a Melbourne overwhelmed by COVID cases.

While the discipline of practicing every day contains a rich bounty of benefits, taking some space from critical thoughts about missing a day when sick is also a good idea.

I then resumed the 30 days of yoga practice the next day, when I actually had kids and a dog back with me.

So my restful yoga practice was punctuated by many ‘hey Mums’, a wildly affectionate three year old that sees me seating meditating as an opportunity to corkscrew on my lap, and a dog barking at a delivery person.

I also decided after a little while that a nose breathing pranayama wasn’t actually calming while I am congested, so just sat and did long breaths.

Having said all of that, the elements of life that kept happening swirled around the tender and soft practice that was YWA Move Day 8.

It is profound to have so many people around the world practicing softness.

It is profound for me to practice softness.

It is true that focusing on how I move and really feeling the movement can bring such sweet tenderness to the experience.

How fantastic that we can be tender and loving to ourselves.

After a long, long two years of pandemic (and for me, chronic conditions and the challenges of early motherhood before that) a soft yoga practice is so welcome.

It’s a great reminder that this is an integral part of the practice – the yoga practice, and the being practice.

I spread out some Manduka Recycled Wool Yoga Blankets and they really were softening and pleasurable to rest on.

May we all remember to soften.

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