YWA Move Day 9 – Curiosity

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YWA Move Day 9 – Curiosity

Now, curiosity will always lure me in, so what a wonderful theme for YWA Move Day 9!

This practice started layering more vocabulary of postures or as an into the 30 days of yoga journey.

For me, this introduced some freshness to the foundation established in the first eight days of ywaMove.

I noticed that I can take supple strength into larger moves that take up space, with softness.

I can enjoy ‘working my glutes’ when the sequence is guided by a kind and clear teacher.

Thanks to Adriene for her kind acknowledgement of when we fall in tree pose.

She also kindly acknowledged the part that wants to ‘nail’ the balance.

Noticing the experience of falling is a pretty amazing experience (and, of course, metaphor).

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen says a similar thing for the basic neurocellular patterns in infant movement.

We learn by falling, and we need to fall to learn to balance and support ourselves.

My mind has a ‘project’ of healing and strengthening my sprained ankles to feel the support under my feet.

It is good to infuse such a mental goal with kindness and curiosity about the actual experience of falling, or the experience of instability.

What do my ankles feel like when they wobble?  What do they need?

I can be kind and curious when I choose to take support in a balancing posture.  This infuses the self-judgement that I ‘should’ be more advanced with a softening love.  What a great gift to be give in YWA Move Day 9!

What happens if I really give myself support, no matter where I ‘should’ be?

Blogging or writing about an embodied practice like the 30 days of yoga journey is interesting, because the experience is in some ways wordless.

Yet clearly, the body, the mind, and the emotions are learning through the yoga home practice and following a channel such as Yoga With Adriene.

This then can unfurl in the written reflection.

I am grateful that the Yoga With Adriene videos return to curiosity as it is truly one of my core values, since childhood, and surely it helps us all.


Annalise x

















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